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Which 10G Server Should You Buy?

10G Server

Are you looking for a 10G Server? This article will discuss three of the top choices. Arista 7148SX, HP BladeCenter H, and SGI BladeCenter H. You can also get more information about these servers by reading our comparison chart below. If you’re not sure what type of 10G Server you need, consider the pros and cons of each. You’ll be glad you did! Read on to learn how to choose the best 10G Server for your needs!


The SGI 10G Server is a high-performance computing system that can handle a large amount of data in a short amount of time. Based on the company’s NUMAflex architecture, it has two CPUs, memory, and an I/O subsystem within each module. All modules are connected to one another via special NUMA link cables, allowing all servers to share the same resources. This allows for easy hardware configuration changes and system expansion without the expense of expensive infrastructure.

SGI BladeCenter H

The IBM BladeCenter H 10G Server is a powerful high-density blade server that comes with a spartan management interface and a mainframe-like aesthetic. It matches the features of HP and Dell blade systems, but with smaller portions. This server has a smaller chassis and holds fewer blades than other systems, but it has more powerful features, including Virtual Fabric virtualized network I/O, a powerful processor, and advanced embedded management tools.


Designed with a centralized SysDB that supports state management, the Arista 10G Server’s EOS (Evolutionary Operating System) is a new architecture that addresses the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications. The new Arista 10G Server provides a simple, non-blocking network design by allowing a server’s 10G NIC to pass through. The new technology also eliminates network management at the IBM BladeCenter chassis level, which improves overall system stability and reduces operating costs.

Arista 7148SX

The Arista 7148SX 10G server features a 48-port L2/3/4 switch with five front-to-back airflow fans and two 650W AC power supplies. It can also support SFPs. This switch is designed to meet the needs of high-end data centers and other large-scale computing environments. Its simple design makes it easy to manage and configure. It enables full network bandwidth from 14 10G server blades.

SGI iConverter 5-Module Chassis

The SGI iConverter 5-Modular Chassis for 10G Server is a flexible rack-mountable server that is ideal for metropolitan area network and enterprise LAN applications. Its redundant power supply system lets you share Ethernet data between adjacent modules. This backplane is a common interface for two and four-port switches, which facilitates a range of flexible network applications.

Arista XGT+

The iConverter XGT+ is a versatile 10-GbE media converter that enables the conversion of SFP+ interfaces to DWDM wavelengths. The device also extends fiber capacity by transporting multiple 10G data channels across existing fiber links. It supports DWDM XFP transceivers and incorporates built-in loopback and status LEDs for easy configuration.

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